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Canine Aggression Warning Signs

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 02/24/17 4:53 PM

Do you have a good dog or a bad dog? That question and its answer are actually misleading as we should really be looking for abnormal behavior, not "good or bad.” A responsible owner recognizes this behavior in their dog and works to address the issue before it escalates into a dangerous situation.

Check out the 11 dog behaviors below to see if your canine is showing aggression signs.

Neutral Behavior

Licks nose: A calming signal , a dog will lick its nose to show comfort and happiness.

Sits and paws owner: A signal of communication , dogs’ paw at their owners to get their attention, whether that’s wanting head scratches or reminding you that it’s time for them to eat.

Turns head away from affection : Dogs will do this to get a better understanding of your intentions.

Nervous Behavior

Walks away when called: This behavior can be classified under passive or active disobedience. The dog may not come to you because it feels vulnerable doing so or does not understand why it must.

Crouched with tail tucked between legs : This is a sign of submission, usually when the dog is feeling vulnerable or anxious.

Ears flattened: This can be a sign that the dog wants to be friendly or is anxious.

Frightened Behavior

Ears Flattened Against Head: If the pup’s ears are flattened against its head, it’s frightened and may nip or snap.

Stiffens, hackles rise : A fight or flight response, when a dog stiffens and its hackles rise, they’re signaling that they’re ready to physically defend themselves.

Growls: A defense mechanism, a dog’s growl warns others to keep away.

Nips and Snaps: Nipping or snapping, whether at you or other dogs? The dog is signaling to stay away. They’ll typically first signal in the air to demonstrate that next time they’ll bite.

Bites: Bites are reactionary. A dog will bites if they’re frightened and believe they need to defend themselves. They’ll also bite if they’re territorial, trying to protect their food or favorite toy.