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8 Secrets Your Dog Knows About You - INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 08/22/16 9:18 AM

Secret Dog Infographic

Your 4-legged friend might know more about you than you think. According to a Journal published in Biology Letters, dogs can identify not only other dog emotions, but human emotions, too. The next time you’re surprised by your dog’s behavior – don’t be – doggie instincts can be as powerful as their sense of smell!

Secret # 1 - Dogs know when you’re coming home

Dogs can sense when their owners are returning home. Over the years several dog owners have reported similar behavior of their dogs. Take for instance, Jaytee, the psychic dog who astonished in the early ‘90s when his owner, Pam Smart, tested his ability to always sense her coming home. Pam left Jaytee in her parent’s home giving no indication to anyone when she was to return. A camera crew filmed Jaytee as well as Pam with synchronized timestamps to match up their actions. Jaytee gravitates toward the window 11 seconds after Pam decides to take a taxi back to her parents’ home, and doesn’t leave the window until Pam gets out of the taxi. Joyous barking ensues.

Secret # 2- Dogs can sense underlying medical conditions

The internet is littered with stories about dogs saving their owners’ lives by sensing certain medical conditions like seizures, cardiac arrest and hypoglycemia. There is a scientific explanation behind this miraculous ability of dogs. A 2013 narcolepsy and odor study by Luis Dominguez-Ortega, M.D., Ph.D., revealed that through the smell of patients’ sweat, two trained dogs were able to correctly detect 11 out of 12 narcolepsy patients. Besides narcolepsy, dogs have also been known to detect cancer and migraines. There are several service dogs across the United States who are being trained as medical detectors.

Secret # 3- Dogs know when you’re angry

Bath time is not the only time your dog wants to hide. If you’re angry or furious about something, the little pooch is likely to run for a cover under the bed, sofa or behind the door. Research has shown that dogs can understand when their owners are angry through their facial expressions.Try an angry-face experiment with your dog to see if it recognizes your mood, but be sure to give it a treat afterward, because tricking your dog isn’t very nice.

Secret # 4 –Dogs can feel your emotions

Dogs are deemed man’s best friend for a reason. If you’re frustrated from a bad day at work, your dog will comfort you with a light paw pat. Sad after a fight with your partner? They’ll whimper with a concerned stare. Revved up about a friend coming to visit from out of town? Expect an enthusiastic bark, impromptu leaps and helter skelter running around the house.

Secret # 5 – Dogs know when you’re not paying attention to them

A new pet or animal in the house often puts dogs off-edge. If you add a furry member to your household, you’ll likely notice your dog demanding a little extra attention from you. A study at the National Academy of Science revealed that attention to a new pet in the house can make your dog anxious and distressed, forcing it to demand undivided attention.

Secret # 6 – Dogs can sense when you’re fearful

It is indeed true – dogs can sense when a human is scared or fearful. Fear is a natural response to any kind of threat that leads to the release of certain hormones known as cortisol. Often referred as the “stress hormone,” dogs’ noses can pick up the smell.

Secret # 7 – Dogs know when you need protecting

An extension of the preceding point, dogs have an instinctive tendency to protect their owners in the face of fear or external threat. Animal behavior experts feel that the same way dogs feel protected towards their food or litter of pups, they can be extremely protective of their owner or members of the family as well.

Secret # 8- Dogs comes to know if you’re pregnant


Several women dog owners have revealed that their dogs became more protective and loving during their pregnancy. Animal behavior experts say that dogs can sense the hormonal changes a woman goes through when she is pregnant. The dogs also become sensitive to the visible changes in the body and instinctively become protective.