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6 Names You Won't Hear Twice at the Dog Park

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 11/02/17 5:16 PM

Four Dogs in Different Breed Sitting in the ParkYou love your new puppy. She’s smart, friendly and has the most unique personality you’ve ever seen. Which is why you now want to find a name matching her adorable qualities.

Coming up with a truly unique name can be tough though. Sure, names like Molly, Rex, Maggie or Duke are great, but they are also found on practically every dog collar with a nameplate. You want something you won’t hear everyday. Below are six names you won’t hear twice at the dog park to get you inspired.


Your puppy is full of energy and always ready for her morning walk. Let’s say she has a beautiful black coat, bright eyes and she is an absolute delight. Why not name her after something equally as delightful?

If your pup is a morning person, try giving her a cute name like Coffee, Espresso or even Latte. It’s clever and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face who meets your dog for the first time.


Research shows dogs respond well to names with two syllables. It’s easy for them to differentiate between other words or phrases. So why not give your doggo a name life Tofu? It’s adorable and probably best fit for a light-colored corgi or shiba inu.


Are you a big fan of Greek mythology? Names like Cerebus or Argus are cool, but probably a little too familiar; but have you heard of Laelaps?

Laelaps was a legendary dog capable of catching anything she hunted. Which is why Caphalus decided to use the hound to catch Teumessian, the uncatchable fox. So what happens when an uncatchable fox is chased by a dog that always catches it prey? Nobody knows, because Zeus, perplexed by this paradox, decide to turn both animals into astral constellations (Canis Major and Canis Minor to be exact).

Now that’s a special name for a dedicated hunting dog!


Is your dog aloof, mysterious and strong? Then you might want to consider the name Waheela. According to rumors in northwestern Canada, Michigan and Alaska, Waheela are a species of prehistoric bear-dogs or dire wolves very similar to the giant wolves of Inuit mythology.

While Waheela are probably little more than myth, it is an impressive name for an Alaskan husky or Siberian malamute.


Serious Bulldog on the Street Getting SleepyDo you have a big lazy bulldog with a kind heart and a hardy frame? Then you might just like the name Dozer – like bull-dozer. Get it? This name is perfect for dogs who like to doze in the afternoon sun.


Sometimes coming up with a name is tough, especially if you have a big family that just can’t seem to come to an agreement on a perfect name. But every now and then, something will just catch on. For example, Wilsee.

Wilsee is a portmanteau of “we’ll see.” Silly, but it’s definitely unique, and it has a nice ring to it.

Whether you found the ideal name on this list or not, it should at least get your brain working on new ideas. Once you pick out a name, be sure to order your custom dog collar with nameplate from Hot Dog Collars.