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5 Ways to Customize Your Space for Your New Fur Child

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/29/17 5:22 PM

New puppy arrivedExpectant parents spend hours ‘baby proofing’ their home to protect their little ones from making a mess or getting into potentially hazardous situations. But have you ever considered this same kind of preparation for your new dog? New pet parents (or ‘pawrents’) often need to puppy proof their homes by hiding electrical cords, closing off stairwells and purchasing sturdy garbage cans.

Of course, it’s not just about safety. Customizing your home for your new fur child is also about comfort and fun. Below are a few tips and items than can help turn your house into a home for your new pup.

Stylish Duds

So, you are all ready to invite your new dog into your home, but you worry he or she might be a little chilly in your unheated apartment. No worries! You can always buy custom dog clothes to provide an extra layer of warmth for your furry friend. Hot Dog Collars offers dozens of personalized pet clothing designs; and the best part is that these doggy duds are assembled right here in the USA!

Ramping Up

Instead of adopting a rambunctious young pup, some pawrents prefer to invite a senior dog into their lives. Older dogs tend to be less mischievous, but just as loving as an adolescent pooch. However, you will need to make a few adjustments to ensure their comfort and happiness.

One way to do this is with dog ramps. These helpful inclines make it easier for elderly (or small dogs) to climb into cars or on furniture, thereby protecting aging joints.

Chow Time

What do doggies love more than anything else? That’s right, food! Be sure to place food and water bowls in your home so Fido has a place to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Add their names to the bowl for a cute, personalized touch.

Remember to train your dog around feeding time to avoid bad behaviors like growling or snarling when someone approaches their bowl as this can sometimes devolve into aggressive territorialism and other problems.

All Fun & Games

You’ll also want plenty of toys for your hound dog to play with. Truth be told, a bored dog is a destructive dog. By designating a few playthings for your dog to chew and bury, you’ll prevent a lot of time spent picking up torn newspaper pieces or searching for hidden slippers.

Obviously, you’ll want to match the types of toys you buy to your pup’s personality. For instance, a rough and tough Rottweiler would definitely need a robust and durable toy to toss around, especially compared to a gentle Shih Tzu.

Lights Out

Dog hugging his favorite stuffed friend, napping on his little brown bed with his head and body out of itLast but not least, you’ll need to establish a bedding area for your dog to conk out after a long day. This can either be a cushy pillow or a snug and homey kennel. Remember, a bedding area should be associated with safety and ease rather than punishment.

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