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5 Things You Must Know Before Working Out With Your Dog

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 01/30/17 2:27 PM

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but getting inspired to work out every day can be a challenge. If you’ve got a dog, you’re in luck. Dogs need daily exercise too, which makes them great motivators. Plus, they’re versatile, eager-to-please companions who love being active with their people. For a safe and satisfying workout with your dog, though, you’ll want to follow a few basic guidelines. Here are five tips to put you and your pup on the right exercise track: go low with your dog

Begin Exercise Slowly

When starting any exercise program, it’s important to begin slowly—and that goes for Rover too. To keep joints and muscles healthy, ease into exercise. If you’re planning to jog with your four-legged friend, for example, start by walking and slowly build up the pace. Proper stretching for you and your dog is also important for safe, healthy exercise.

Include a Variety of Dog-Friendly Activities

flyball for dogs is fun If you get bored with exercise, so will your dog. Don’t let it happen. Change up your fitness activities each day to keep you and your pup engaged. Try alternating a brisk walk with a hike in the woods, a swim, an active game of fetch, or doga. You might also consider interactive dog sports, like flyball or agility, which benefits both handlers and their pets.

Stick to a Daily Exercise Routine

Routines offer many benefits for humans and dogs, including confidence building and discipline. Exercising with your dog as part of your daily routine adds two more perks—fitness and bonding. Try to work out with your dog at the same time each day to keep the routine consistent. Morning exercise is ideal because it boosts metabolism for the entire day.

Cool Down with Your Dog

For a safe workout with your dog, be sure you both cool down. Cooling down after a workout helps the heart and respiratory system return to their resting state and the body temperature to normal. You can cool down by walking slowly with your dog for several minutes. End with gentle stretches, and have water available for both of you.

Treat Each Other After a Workout

No workout is complete without a treat, especially for dogs. Offer a small edible or a favorite toy for good behavior and companionship during your workout session. You might also give your dog a calming massage to soothe his joints and muscles. Then treat yourself to something satisfying, like a light snack, a warm bath, or some snuggling time with your pup.

Working out with a dog has many benefits, from motivating you to exercise to keeping you and your dog healthy and fit. Recruit your four-legged companion as an exercise partner, and enjoy a safe and satisfying workout together every day.