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5 Pet Products Worth Their Weight in Gold

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 10/19/17 4:11 PM

Dog ownership is about more than having the prerequisite food and water bowls, leash and collar. Dog ownership requires that you take care of and love your dog through thick and thin. This is old news for the experienced dog owner, but for the new or soon-to-be puppy parents reading, the better prepared you are for #doglife, the happier you and your pup will be.

Here are five pet products that’ll make dog ownership every bit as fun and wonderful as you have imagined it to be.

Bully Sticks

Dog having fun on the grass with a wooden stickWhen you get home from work and settle in for the night, you probably dig in on your evening snacks and drinks. It’s something you look forward to when 5 o’ clock rolls around. In just another hour, you can change out of your pants and kick it on the couch with some popcorn and a new Netflix release.

You know who else loves to snack? Your dog! Hot Dog Collars offers all-natural bully sticks to give your pup a delicious and nutritious nightly treat, in moderation of course.

Poo Baggies

Never go out about town with your pup unless you go out prepared! More and more counties across the country have ordinances declaring that dog owners must pick up after their dog when the dog has…you know…made their business. Easily attachable to the pooch’s leash via a clip, poo baggies make it easy to scoop up your dog’s mess and dispose of the evidence.

Baby Chihuahua Wearing Doggles, Sitting Under the SunlightDoggles

If you and your pup are the adventuring sort, making sure that they too are protected from the elements is an absolute must. First invented in 1997 by a couple who noticed that their Border Collie was having a tough time catching the Frisbee because the sun was getting in his eyes, doggles today are used to protect your pup’s vision and keep debris from getting into their eyes in snowy or sandy climates.

Have you noticed that your dog squints on particularly bright days or has trouble catching the ball during a game of fetch? Doggles can help them get their fetch game back!

Pet Life Jacket

If you have an older dog who loves to swim but has been having trouble maintaining their buoyancy as they’ve gotten older, the pet life jacket will help keep them afloat.

Some dogs, no matter their age, will keep diving back into the water to swim until their little limbs grow weary. For the pup who doesn’t know when to quit, the pet life jacket will help to steady them in the water and allow them to take a breather if they should get a cramp or need to rest due to exhaustion.

Pet Carrier

Perfect for the traveling human and their canine companion, a pet carrier lets you take your pooch on long road trips, flights and even just down the street to the grocery store. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, being able to have them in the pet carrier and taking them with you will make your pup more comfortable and help to socialize them, so long as you let them out at the dog park!

We make sure we have all of the latest gadgets; don’t our dogs deserve them too? Click here to spoil your dog now with Hot Dog Collars apparel.