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5 Money Saving Tips For Dog Owners

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 01/09/17 10:54 AM

Pet ownership doesn't have to break the bank. While you shouldn't skimp on veterinary care for your furry family member, you can cut costs in other areas. Here are five ways you can love your bundle of joy without having to stress over the price of ownership.

Visit the Human Pharmacy

save on dog medicine If your pet ever needs a prescription, have it filled at your local supermarket. Many big box grocery stores will dispense doggie antibiotics, pain killers, and anti-inflammatories for free. You could save hundreds of dollars with this tip, especially if your pooch has a chronic health condition.

The Doggiesitters Club

Don't get stuck paying $25 a day for dog boarding or sitting services. Instead, form your own community group. Partner up with your neighbors, coworkers, or relatives who love dogs as much as you do. When they go out of town, invite their pets over for an extended stay. Your pup will love the new company, and you'll love getting your favor returned for your next out-of-town trip.

Comparison Shop for the Best Food

You want to feed your dog healthy food, whether that means following a vet-prescribed diet or searching for grain-free options. You also want to save money. Since dog food can be your biggest expense as a pet owner, make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Check online stores and warehouse clubs like Costco for the best prices. You'd be amazed by how quickly you can cut costs by switching to a generic brand that offers the same formulation as the higher-priced, brand name options.

Trim Your Dog's Nails

dog grooming at home It's easy to drop your pooch at the groomer and spend $10 or $15 on a nail trim. If you're doing that every month, you're spending at least $100 a year on something you could easily do at home. Buy a $20 nail clipper and get to work. Cutting nails is an opportunity for bonding. If you use treats or a clicker, you can train Fido to look forward to puppy pampering. Saving money and spending quality time with your pup is a win-win.

Doggie Dental Care

Preventive health care is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. You don't have to brush your dog's teeth every day, but you should give them a good scrub at least twice a week. This will save you from spending hundreds on an emergency tooth extraction later on, and it will save your furry family member from the agony of dental pain. You can purchase a doggie toothbrush and toothpaste for under $15.

You may not want to follow every piece of advice on this list. That's okay. You can still save money and love your dog with just a few of these options. Keep in mind that a dog's needs are simple. Your dog wants nothing more than your love and attention, and those are free.