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5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 11/27/17 5:03 PM

Everybody loves the holidays. It’s a wonderful and whimsical time of year when people show their love for one another by exchanging gifts. Haven’t started on your shopping list yet? Well, we can help you find something special for that extra special someone.

Below are a few suggestions regarding the best holiday gift ideas for the dog lover in your life.

A Luxury Dog Collar

Let’s say your brother has a beautiful collie. She is smart, friendly and loves nothing more than to feel the wind in her long fur as she dashes around the dog park. What could you buy that that would satisfy your sibling and his pretty pooch? A luxury dog collar of course!

Hot Dog Collars sells a variety of dog collars (duh!) for every breed, need and puppy personality out there. For your brother’s collie, we would recommend the ‘Santa Fe collar.’ Made from soft, weaved Argentinian cowhide, this luxury collar looks great against long fur. Size 20 is good for most collies.

French Bulldog Wearing Sports Jersey with Paws on a Stuffed FootballA Sports Jersey

Up next on your list is Pops. Dad is an avid sports fan; a Seattle Seahawks devotee to be exact. You know that every Sunday night, he is glued to the TV with Rex, his bulldog buddy, sleeping at his feet.

If this sounds like your father, you have got to get him matching sports jerseys for him and his dog. This gift is sure to delight your dad. After all, what’s better than a shared love for the game? Not much, except maybe the unconditional love of a chubby bulldog named Rex.

A Wine Glass or Beer Mug

Auntie Gloria is tough to shop for. It’s not that she is picky, but rather that she has everything she needs. You bought her a sweater last year, a scented candle for her birthday and a sweater the year before that. Yikes, you think to yourself. I need some new gift ideas.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Why not get her a personalized beer mug or wine glass? You can specify the breed and include her family name. It’s cute, it’s kitsch, it’s perfect for Auntie Gloria!

Holiday-Themed Toys & Treats

Labrador Enjoys Pre-holiday PresentsThis next suggestion is just for Fido. Sure, dogs aren’t totally aware of the holiday season, but they can still sense the excitement in the air. This includes the anticipation we feel when we invite friends and family over for the Thanksgiving weekend or the joy we feel when we put up the Christmas tree.

Share this glee with your pooch in the form of holiday-themed treats and toys. Examples include a Santa chew toy or candy cane-shaped bones.

A New Puppy

Last but not least is the greatest gift of all. If you have kids, consider getting them a puppy of their own. As they grow up together they will establish a strong bond. It is also a good chance to teach them about responsibility.

Of course, it is up to the parents to decide if the family is ready for a new four-legged friend. But if you decide to get a new pooch, remember that you can find all the pet supplies you need by visiting Hot Dog Collars.

Happy holidays!