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5 Benefits of Dog Ownership

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 12/21/15 10:11 AM

5 Benefits of Dog Ownership

Dogs have been a part of humans' lives for centuries, originally as hunting partners, then as companions and even status symbols. Although cats are three times as popular as pets, dogs still have a special place in modern life. Here are some of the advantages of bringing a pet dog into your home that you may never have considered.

what makes owning a dog a good thing
They are great exercise buddies

Dogs need regular exercise and so do you. Whether it is a leisurely stroll in the park, a brisk walk on the beach or a jog around the neighborhood, your dog is always raring to go walkies, giving you the motivation you need to stay active. Make exercising with your canine personal trainer a daily routine to improve your health and theirs.

They never leave you alone

Life can be challenging, and sometimes you may feel neglected or left out by the people you love. If you've lost your job, experienced a terrible breakup, are struggling with an addiction or are dealing with any traumatic situation, there is solace in knowing that your loyal pet will always be there for you. Your dog will listen to you when you vent, watch you cry without judgment and never leave your side.

Owning a dog is good for you

They teach you to budget

Owning a pet costs money and it is important to budget properly to cater to your dog's needs. You must make sure you have enough money to buy food and necessities, pay for routine visits to the vet and cover emergencies if your pet falls ill. While feeding and playing with your dog are important, you need to make sure you keep the books balanced. It's the only way to provide all the things your pet needs for good health.

They make you feel secure

Besides being great companions, properly trained dogs are great security systems. They are especially reliable at night and won't shut down because of a power outage. Dogs are a deterrent to criminals, who will think twice before trying to get into your house if they know there's a canine alarm on the premises. The fact that your alarm has teeth also helps convince thieves to go elsewhere!

They introduce you to new friends

You certainly will attract interested looks and offers of conversation when you walk a fine, big dog. In general, though, people tend to be wary of large animals. Small dogs, on the other hand, enjoy a great reputation for being friendly, even if they sometimes don't deserve it. When you walk a small dog, you'll have far more people approaching you, hoping for a chance to pet your dog and tell you how cute it is. You'll find yourself making friends all the time.

Pets are a great way to meet new friends. Take a walk with your dog and someone is sure to strike up a conversation. Whether your pet knows some neat tricks, is strikingly beautiful or is just friendly and sociable, a dog is a real attention magnet. Take your dog to the salon and you are sure to meet other owners willing to share stories about their pets -- your dog leaves with its new "hairdo" and you leave with a handful of new friends. And your friends list can grow even bigger by joining groups for dog- and pet-lovers in the neighborhood or online.

Dogs of all sizes An exercise buddy who is always there for you, who teaches you how to budget and who makes you feel secure is a friend worth having. Treat your dog well -- they deserve it!. Come check out our "Shop By Breed" section here for a wide range of products made specifically for your breed