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4 Ways to Catapult Your Pup to Insta Fame

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 10/23/17 5:19 PM

Tiny chihuahua dog wearing suit, straw hat and glasses relaxing in meadowDestressing after a chaotic day at work is easy when you’re able to come home to someone who, no matter the mood you’re in or what you look like, is over-the-moon excited to see you. That’s right, we’re talking about your dog.

Their cuteness alleviates agitation and anxiety. Their sweetness inspires smiles and laughter. How can you keep all of this to yourself? IT MUST BE SHARED!

Before you start inundating your followers with action shot of your favorite furry friend on your personal feed, consider this: Set up their own personal Instagram page! “What, that’s crazy!” You exclaim. But it really isn’t.

After you outfit your hairy bestie with a charming customized pet tag from Hot Dog Collars and brainstorm their Instagram handle, it’s time: time to introduce them to Instagram!

Here are five ways to share the adorable antics of your pup that’ll propel them to Insta fame!

Create an Instagram Account

This first one is fairly obvious, but there are a few puppy pawents out there who think using their personal social media feed works; we know differently.

Not everyone (primarily cat lovers, we’re looking at the evidence) likes seeing puppy posts in their feed. For them, a puppy post is equivalent to someone posting a baby picture; too many baby pictures can lead to an unfollow. VetStreet recommends creating a personal account for your pet, this way people who want to follow your pet can.

Don’t forget that your pet’s account will need a clever Insta handle too!

Pirate-themed Photoshoot With Good Lightings for High Quality PhotosPost High-Quality Pics

Be honest: how many accounts have you unfollowed because the photos that were posted were mediocre at best?

A stunning shot will get your dog followers, but if your pupper’s pics are low-quality or, gulp—boring, they too will be unfollowed. BarkPost tells doggie stage moms (that’s what you are now!) to make sure that you doggo’s pictures are clear and have good lighting. You can use the camera available on your smart phone, but investing in a camera to take those great action shots is advised.

Show, Don’t Tell

A picture is worth a thousand words, but it’s always helpful to tell your pup’s story through their own voice. A smart caption should always be paired with the pic you’re posting. Consider the pupper account helmed by the founder of Susie’s Senior Dogs. @Susiethedoggie shares the adventures of senior dog Simon and the senior dogs his owners foster. Simon shares his fostering experience with a cute little lisp. Considering the long-haired Chihuahua’s tongue hangs out the side of his mouth 24/7, it seems entirely plausible that he would have a slight speech impediment!

Give your doggo a voice that matches their aesthetic; it should be their own, not yours!

Hashtag It Up!

Sleeping terrier on top view. Soft and comfy lifestyle.No one can find your furry friend online if they’re hidden from view. VetStreet suggests that to build a strong Instagram following, you’ll need to accompany your posts with pet-friendly hashtags. Get your pup featured on pages where an audience has already been built by using  #dogsofinstagram, #adoptdontshop and the like. If social media users like your doggo’s photos, they’ll tap ‘follow.’

And remember: famous dogs need a signature style. Visit Hot Dog Collars for customizable pet accessories!