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37 Thoughts I Have When My Dog Wakes Me Up Too Early

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 02/22/16 3:37 PM

Tweet: 37 Thoughts After My Dog Wakes Me Up Too Early [SOURCE: Hot Dog Collars]37 Thoughts After My Dog Wakes Me Up Too Early

We've all been's way-to-early o'clock in the morning, your dog decides there is an urgent matter they must attend to outside, and your mind is left racing! Our guest blogger, Colleen Fitzpatrick is a former dog groomer (more info below) and shares 37 thoughts she has after her dogs decides on an unplanned wake up call. Be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments and then remember that no matter what you love your dogs. And that they should be spoiled rotten with the best and newest dog gear

1. What is that noise???
2. How did the dog get into my room?
3. Why is the dog in my room?
4. It’s 5:43 am.
5. This is not happening.
7. This is happening.
8. Why me? Seriously why me?
9. This dog must hate me.
10. No. Look at that face. He loves me.
11. He really loves me.
12. I think this is the problem.
13. I wish he didn’t love me so much.
16. But not enough to be happy about the current situation right now.
17. Maybe I’ll pretend that I’m still sleeping
18. Why can’t I breath? Oh. I am getting breathed on.
19. He’s sucking up all my oxygen. Gasp!
20. Gotta turn over.
21. Bad idea. Now he’s barking at me.
22. Ouch! Did a bear claw just swipe at me?
23. Nope, he just pawed my face.
24. I need to get his nails trimmed. Clearly.
25. He’s now circling my bed looking for a spot to jump on.
26. C’mon! Just five more minutes!
27. He’s now on the bed barking at me.
28. Uh oh. He’s a bit frantic.
29. Oh no. Oh no nononononono.
30. I’m up buddy! Let’s go!
31. OK, I just stubbed my toe. It’s cool. Not really. Probably broken.
32. Don’t look at your toe. It’s too late for your toe.
33. Must get to door.
34. Must get to door.
35. Success!
36. Wow, that was cutting it a bit close this time.
37. Now, let’s try that whole sleeping thing again. See you in two hours when my real alarm goes off. Muah!

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About Our Guest Blogger

Colleen Fitzpatrick is a former dog groomer turned writer from Upstate New York. She loves all dogs but is particularly fond of basset hounds. She is passionate about animal rescue and hopes to foster dogs once her children are a bit older.