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37 Thoughts I Have When My Dog Is Sick

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 04/04/16 3:36 PM

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Yep, dogs can get sick too!  And when they do, we can definitely relate.  Our guest blogger, Colleen Fitzpatrick is a former dog groomer (more info below) and shares 37 thoughts she has when her dogs are not feeling well. Be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments and then remember that no matter what you love your dogs. And that they should be spoiled rotten with the best and newest dog gear.  Even if they shoulnd't have eaten that thing they ate that is now making their stomach disagree all over your new carpet :-o

1.    Oh no. He threw up near the door. This isn’t good.
2.    What’s wrong pal? Did you eat something yucky outside?
3.    Maybe it was just a one time thing. A fluke.
4.    I’ll offer him a treat. He will eat it and I will stop obsessing.
5.    Want this treat, pal? C’mon, it’s yummy.
6.    Uh oh. He didn’t eat it. Now what?
7.    Let’s take you outside. I wonder you if you have some loose poops.
8.    Double oh no. Now you’re firing at both ends.
9.    Poor puppy. I love ya bud. You are going to be OK.
10.  What if he isn’t OK?
11.  Should I call the vet? When is a good time to call the vet?
12.  Oh my. You just threw up again. I’m calling. Where is my phone?
13.  Good news. We have an apt at 5:00 p.m.
14.  Let’s just watch some TV and hang pal. We gotta keep calm.
15.  TV is good. TV is working. My mind is distracted.
16.  What is that loud churning sound?
17.  OH NO…..throw up!
18.  OK self, don’t get sick cleaning this up again. Just think happy thoughts. *GAG*
19.  Alright buddy, let’s go outside to see if anything noteworthy happens.
20.  I should probably get a sample for the vet.
21.  Hold on, let’s see if I can find something.
22.  Yikes, nothing but a sandwich baggie but it will have to do. Let’s do this thing!
23.  Ugh, sorry you got the poops again buddy.
24.  The neighbor just gave me a funny look when I was holding that baggie under your butt.
25.  He probably thinks I’ve lost my mind but anything for you buddy. Even a baggie under your butt.
26.  Who cares what he thinks! He’s probably a cat person anyway.
27.  Let’s head back in. I’ve got some chicken I need to defrost. Something tells me you’re going to be getting chicken and rice for the next five days or so.
28.  We’ve got an hour. Maybe I’ll google your symptoms to see what’s wrong.
30.  The internet is telling me it’s cancer.
31.  OK, don’t cry in front of the dog. Be tough. He’ll know something's up.
32.  We need to head out to the vet and get this over with.

Two Hours Later

33. Good news! It’s not cancer. I can’t believe I hugged the vet after she told me.
34. Turns out you have a stomach bug.
35. Wasn’t it funny when the receptionist handed me a paper and asked if I wanted a breakdown and I said no because I had one at home already?
36. I didn’t know she meant breakdown of the bill. We all had a good laugh.
37. Remind me not to google your symptoms again please.

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About Our Guest Blogger

Colleen Fitzpatrick is a former dog groomer turned writer from Upstate New York. She loves all dogs but is particularly fond of basset hounds. She is passionate about animal rescue and hopes to foster dogs once her children are a bit older.