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3 Dog Collars That’ll Keep Your Dog Safe on Your Daily Walkies

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/25/17 5:23 PM

Dogs excitedly running in the parkIf you had to choose, what do you think is your pupper’s favorite time of day? Are they most feisty early in the morning, or does your doggo get their tail wag on in the evening?

More than likely their favorite time of day is whenever you’re home—they’re just always so happy to see you! But, to really answer the question posed above: you’ve probably noticed your pup get the most noticeably animated when you whip the leash out for a walk!

Alas, a leash is only as nice as its matching designer dog collar. Without both a well-made leash and collar, your daily walks might quickly turn into weekly or even monthly outdoor activity simply because you’re worried about your pup somehow slipping the leash or going unseen by a passing car.

Hot Dog Collars brings to you three designer dog collars that will have your pup looking good and walking safely on your next trip down the street.

Reflective Sunglo Dog Collar

If you and your pup live life more adventurously, you hike in the woods and go jogging along the beach off leash, you’ll need a collar that’ll help you (and your fellow trailblazers) spot your dog from a mile away.

The reflective Sunglo all weather dog collar is highly reflective and best for outdoor doggie exercise. The collar is odor resistant (meaning your dog can roll around in that questionable puddle without ruining the collar) and can be wiped clean with a cloth.

Light Up Hot Dog Safety Collar

According to PetFinder, “over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the U.S. every year.” Given that number, you’ve probably seen a few “Lost Pet” flyers posted to street lights and the random tree at the dog park.

Should your pup manage to get away from you, the light up Hot Dog safety collar will help you and others in the search party locate your dog in the dark or hiding in the brush. Rechargeable and with the ability to choose between three light modes, the light up dog collar will keep your pup safe and out of harm’s way.

The Sierra Luxury Dog Collar

If you’re not used to taking your pup for a daily walk, you might think that getting them a collar just for walking is a little crazy; it isn’t.

Dogs being active along the beachsideYou should be walking your pup daily. Dogs (like people) need exercise. Not enough exercise can lead to boredom which can then lead to bad behavior. In an interview with CNN, Petmeisters Pet Sitting Service owner, Craig Hughes, warns lax owners that “when you have a bored dog, that’s when you start having trouble; they get destructive.”

To get excited about going out on a walk, maybe all you need is a little accessorizing. The Sierra Luxury collar with its subtle turquoise stitching and soft leather will keep your pup comfortable and fashionable on your next walk.

Think of the dog collar like a sort of jacket. You have a few different jacket options hanging in your closet, right—worn for different occasions? Your dog should have a selection of designer dog collars to wear about at the lake, in the mountains and on the city streets.

Visit Hot Dog Collars today to choose a new collar for your pooch from a wide selection!