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15 Reasons Fur Babies are Better Than Human Babies

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 03/20/17 2:08 PM

If you have been with your S.O. for a couple of years, you’re no doubt getting asked these questions:

  • When are you getting married?
  • Why is it taking so long?
  • Don’t you want kids?
  • Why don’t you want kids?
  • Why won’t you give me grandchildren?

Maybe you’ve heard a few of these choice phrases too:

  • You won’t be young forever.
  • They won’t buy the cow if they’re getting the milk for free.
  • You’re not really an adult until you have a kid of your own.

puppies are better than kids Why are family members so obsessed with couples popping out a few kids? They had children, why are you expected to as well? Don’t they realize the world is facing overpopulation ? These conversations get real annoying, real fast, and your answers to their incessant questions are never good enough. Until now. The next time your overbearing aunt asks why you’re wasting your prime birthing years, remind her that you’re already a mom to the most perfect pooch in the world.

Here are 15 reasons why dogs are better than kids. Period!

1. Puppies take naps of their own free will.

2. A “so-ugly-it’s-cute” puppy will always be cuter than an ugly baby. Puppies are born as precious round bundles of fur. Babies come out looking like they’ve run face first into a wall. You can compliment someone’s ugly dog because somehow, they’re still cute; you can’t compliment someone’s uggo progeny, as least truthfully.

3. You can train a puppy to sit, stay, rollover and lie down in a week. Babies take between four–seven months just to sit up unassisted.

4. There are more dog collars on sale than on a regular basis than baby clothes.

5. Puppies are always happy. Babies are regularly grumpy, especially if they don’t get in naptime.

6. Puppies will eat whatever you place in front of them. You have to trick babies into believing a spoonful of food is an airplane coming in for a landing. Worst part: they don’t even know what an airplane is.

7. Babies will put anything in their mouth. Tell a puppy to drop a sock, and he will.

8. Puppies are potty trained. Babies growing into toddlers fight against learning how to use the toilet, preferring to sit in a soggy diaper.

9. Your pup knows you are its human parent. Your baby doesn’t know who you are until they’re at least 8 months old .

10. Your friends are excited to play with a puppy, but too scared to hold a baby.

11. A puppy’s squeal to be cuddled as they jump into your lap is way better than a screaming baby pulling at your hair.

12. Your pup is loyal to you. Your baby turned toddler is quick to choose a favorite parent if you tell them they can’t have a cookie before dinner.

13. Puppies don’t expect cookies. When they get one, it’s always a treat!

14. Babies can’t hold up their own heads, puppies can train in obstacle courses.

15. Even when your pup reaches adulthood, they’ll still love you unconditionally. Children grow up to resent you for not getting them that one toy for their 11 th birthday.

Dogs aren’t just easier to live with, they’re easier to love. Shower your pup with love and affection when you buy them treats and toys from Hot Dog Collars !