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10 Things To Know About Puggles

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 03/02/17 2:38 PM

Many people are not familiar with the term "designer dog." This sounds like an adorable pooch that fits into your matching handbag, but in fact, it is a deliberate mating of two breeds with known characteristics to get the best of both. One popular combo is the "Puggle," which combines the adorable Pug with the self-assured Beagle. Here's a look at what you can expect when you combine these two breeds.what to know about puggles

Although the goal of designer dogs that mix breeds is to achieve the best characteristics, genetics can be a game of roulette, with different features coming into prominence unexpectedly. The Pug is small, shorthaired and very affectionate, as you would expect of a lap dog. The Beagle leans more toward a medium size. It has outdoorsy roots and can have a more independent attitude. When the two combine, you can never be sure which qualities will dominate in an individual puppy. Some of the puppies may clearly reflect their Pug lineage. Others may look remarkably like a smaller-sized Beagle. The temperament in each puppy can vary widely, from cuddly, home-loving pug-like personalities or more reserved beagle-like animals that like to roam and explore the neighborhood. Individuals considering these crossbreeds should be prepared to adjust their expectations accordingly. If possible, inspect the entire litter and choose a puppy that promises to have the qualities you prefer.

The Upside of Puggle Mixes

In general, the combination of Pugs and Beagles will produce a small, attractive animal with shorthair and an outgoing personality. A number of advantages have made this mixture of breeds a popular choice:

    10 things about puggles
  1. Small size, 15 to 30 pounds, good for apartment or condominium living
  2. Easy to groom, short-haired coat with some shedding
  3. Affectionate personality that is good with children, strangers and other dogs.  This fun-loving, clownish nature makes it a good companion dog
  4. Moderate exercise needs
  5. Good general health with few genetic problems
  6. A heavy feeder that can easily become overweight, which is seen in both Pugs and Beagles
  7. A tendency to bark, or even howl, that is characteristic of Beagle heritage
  8. Some puppies may show their Beagle side's tendency to enjoy wandering away from home territory
  9. May not tolerate heat well, reflecting the Pug side of the genetic mix
  10. Some challenges with training may arise, reflecting the Beagle's independence spirit.

You can determine many of a dog's characteristics by observing a puppy carefully over a period of time. If you are flexible about your basic requirements, you will find that the good looks of a Puggle, combined with their friendly nature, make the perfect dog for family life.