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10 Activities to Share in With Your Fur Child

Posted by Hot Dog Collars on 09/01/16 9:53 AM

Who is your one friend that is up for anything, at any time, in any place? YOUR DOG! As soon as you take the leash off its hook, your dog knows there’s going to be some fun adventuring. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stroll around the block or a car ride to the vet, or trip to look at some finely-crafted leather dog collars , your dog is beyond excited. When you see that line of dribble trailing from his lips into a puddle on the floor, you know he’s ready to seize the day.

What are some fun activities to share in with your little beastie? Well, let’s take a look together!

1. The Dog Park

A wonderful place for doggie socialization and playtime, taking your four-legged friend to the dog park is a way to make friends and set up future playdates. Going to the dog park will increase you and your dog’s comfortability in social interactions and will help you to learn more about your community.

2. Hiking hike with my dog

Do you know what your dog is going to love most about hiking? All those smells! Setting out on the nature trail with your pooch will prove to be an exhilarating adventure. As you catalog the various insects you see along the trail, your pup will have his nose close to the ground in search of all things new. Before you set out for your trip, make sure you and your pooch are physically ready for the hike. After you both have the all clear, make sure to wear the right accessories (puppy pal included) and pack enough water and foods to last you for the day.

3. Paddle Boarding

You’ve probably noticed this already, but a lot of dogs go nuts over water. Take your dog to the lake and watch him jump scamper through the surf. Is your pup a swimmer? Outfit him with his very own lifejacket and begin your paddle board training . The two of can go out on the board together and explore the lake. Work up a sweat? Take a brisk swim together!

4. Therapy Training

If you have a cuddler on your hands who is good with people and other animals, he might just have what it takes to be a therapy dog. There are roughly 30,000 teams made up of therapy dogs and handlers who have made it their mission to help others. If you enjoy volunteering and believe you and your pooch would make a good team, visit Therapy Dogs International or Delta Pet Partners to learn more.

5. Play a Game of Fetch

Have you ever met a dog that doesn’t run after a thrown ball? Playing a game of fetch provides exercise for your dog and gives the two of you the private time you need to bond, just master and pet. The ball might get a little soggy with all that dog slobber, but seeing the happiness in his eyes is well worth it.

6. Go Off Leash

If you have a dog that obeys and follows every command, reward him by letting him go off leash and just be a dog for a while. Studies have shown that dogs who play in a green, safe space pay more attention to their owners, cementing the relationship between human and animal. But before you let your dog go off leash, make sure you are in a safe space (a large fenced area, removed from traffic) and that you can’t easily be separated.

7. Agility Training

Dogs are smart, agile creatures. To keep your pup’s spirits up and his mind fresh, enroll in a dog agility training course. Together you will learn what it is to be a team player through basic training and communication. You can even turn this hobby into a competitive sport, bringing fun and joy not just to your relationship but to the spectators who come out to offer their support.

8. Play a Game of Frisbee frisbee dog

Dogs like running off and jumping after things. Playing a game of Frisbee combines his two favorite things. Teach your dog to sit until you throw the Frisbee, and watch him squeal with excitement as he runs after it.

9. Create an Instagram Account

As a dog lover with an Instagram account, you probably already follow the Hu5ky Troop and Smiley the Blind Therapy Dog . Seeing their pictures everyday makes you happy. Wouldn’t it be cool to share pictures of your dog doing his normal doggie routine with other dog enthusiasts? Set up an Instagram account in your pup’s name and post everything sweet and cute he does; he’s going to get noticed.

10. Take a Nap

After a day of adventuring, a good nap is in order. Snuggle up with your best good friend and go for a lie down.

There’s a lot we can do with our furry friends. As long as they’re happy, we’re happy. To make sure they have everything they need for your animal adventures, shop with Hot Dog Collars today.