The Wisp Pet Hair Cleaning System

The Wisp Pet Hair Cleaning System

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Designed to conquer the hairiest problems, WISP is a pet owner’s essential. WISP lifts pet hair & dander from your furniture and upholstery in a flash, works on all types of fabric and is perfect to use on clothing, upholstery, carpets, bedding, car seats, or anywhere your furry friend has left reminders.  Traditional brooms leave behind trails of dirt and floating pet hair, requiring you to take several passes over the floor.



WISP 90° BRISTLE SEAL™ TECHNOLOGY forms a squeegee-like bond to your floor and capture all fur, hair, and dirt particles quickly and efficiently.


  • Electrostatic design attracts hair and fur like a magnet, and picks up the pet hair other tools, like an ordinary broom, leave behind.
  • Unique design keeps pet hair from floating around when you sweep, unlike a broom, enabling you to clean your floors quickly and get back to spending time with your family and friends.
  • Durable electrostatic bristles are built to last for years, and effortlessly pick up pet fur, crumbs, lint, dirt, and much more.


The WISP is lightweight, has a comfortable ball grip, and the ergonomic design makes reaching those clumps of fur under furniture and in corners, effortless. Simply use a one-handed push forward or pull backward motion to channel dirt, dust, debris & pet hair. The less effort you use, the better results!


The WISP is available in a standard 12” sweeper, 18 or 24” commercial size, or a mini 6” size that is perfect for furniture, cars, and small messes around the house. With the WISP and miniWISP, you can clean your whole house including hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, area rugs, stairs, and even your beds where pets love to snooze.



  • The ULTIMATE Pet Hair Cleaning System
  • You get a 12' WISP, cleaning pan, and convenient wall hanger
  • Electrostatic design actually attracts pet hair
  • Unique design keeps hair from floating while cleaning
  • Bristle Seal Technology®
  • Works great on ALL surfaces
  • Don't sweep....WISP!


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