Leather Basket Dog Muzzle For Your Boxer

Leather Basket Dog Muzzle For Your Boxer

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Unsurpassed craftsmanship make this leather basket muzzle ideal for your Boxer.  Made specifically to fit short nosed or stoudt nosed breeds, this muzzle provides ample ventilation in a light weight, sturdy design.  As with any luxury leather item, please take care and avoid excessive exposure to moisture

 This muzzle measures 3 1/4" in length and 12 1/4" in circumference 


Note that every dog is different and the suggested breeds are just that...suggestions.  Please measure your dog and select the appropriate fit from our entire selection of muzzles here.


  • All Leather Basket Muzzle
  • 100% Cowhide
  • Sized specifically for Boxer breeds (Note ALWAYS measure your dog prior to ordering)
  • 3 1/4" in length and 12 1/4" in circumference
  • Ample Ventilation
  • NOT intended for tie-outs or prolonged outdoor use
  • Hand selected materials and strict quality controls


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