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Learn About Dogs

Dogs are fun!  And so is learning things the history of the dog collar, tips for getting a new dog, tricks for training, and more interesting facts.  As all animals owners know, pets are so much more than simply four-legged roommates who have a hard time cleaning up after themselves. They're your friends, your confidants, and your companions, through happy days and sad. After years of living together, your pets often become an extension of yourself, existing to show you friendship, affection, and a happier side of life when the stress of human responsibility becomes too much to bear.  Be sure to check out our blog here, or bookmark this page as a one stop shop for great new dog articles


When you're a working adult, a busy parent, or a struggling young professional, it can be a challenge to find time to relax and enjoy the little things. With a dog, however, there's always a good reason to sit back, relax, and stop to smell the roses every once in a while. When there's a pup by your side, life's always a lesson in enjoying the beauty around us with an open heart.

1. Dogs love indiscriminately

No one loves like a dog does. Dogs are openhearted and kind; they don't discriminate or show prejudice. Instead, they love unconditionally, embracing the people who provide for them. Even dogs who have been abused, hurt, or neglected still show love to the people who nurture them and care for them. When we love like a dog, we love without boundaries.

2. Dogs live in the moment

Like children, dogs don't understand plans in the future. All they understand is now. Dogs live for the moment; their moods rise and fall based on what is happening now and not what days down the road may bring. Instead of waiting and worrying about what will happen tomorrow, dogs enjoy the present, regardless of anything else.

3. Dogs love the great outdoors

Sometimes, humans spend too much time cooped up inside, staring at screens in the office or sitting on the couch at home, as well let the world pass us by. Dogs see things differently. They want to be outside, taking in the natural world and exploring the little wonders in everyday life. Even a simple ride in the car is great opportunity for a dog to look out the window, feel the breeze, and take in the world.

4. Dogs don't care about material items

Your dog might love his favorite chew toy or a particular brand of bone, but he doesn't care what it means to anyone else. The only thing he cares about is what it means to him. Brands, prices, and status don't matter to an animal; the only thing in the world that matters is independent enjoyment and interaction with important people. The superficial details are irrelevant through the eyes of a dog.

5. Dogs are loyal

When humans love, they use clauses and parameters to determine who and what is worthy. When dogs love, dogs love forever, judging you based on your good traits and forgiving you for the things that aren't perfect. Dogs don't hold grudges or turn on people who are important; they simply continue to enjoy the people and events that matter to them.

6. Playtime matters to dogs

Most of the time, adults are too busy and too stressed to take advantage of the fun things going on in life. For a dog, as long as basic needs are met, it's time to play. Human worries aren't of consequence, because everyday is a happy day, and everyday is playtime. As long as we have enough to eat and enough to time sleep, there should always be enough time for fun in our lives.

7. Dogs don't dwell on the past

When your daily walk with your dog only lasts 30 minutes instead of 45, will he remember tomorrow? Of course not. Dogs don't dwell on the bad things that happened in the past, but rather look forward to the exciting and amazing things that are happening right now. Even though yesterday might not have been the best, in a dog's mind, it's all about how time is spent today.

8. Dogs accept themselves without bias

When humans look in the mirror, they see flaws that need to be fixed. Dogs, on the other hand, don't care about the outside world. As long as they have food, shelter, and a willing playmate, there's nothing else on earth that matters to them. Without interest in the little things that bring people down, dogs are happy being themselves, no matter who that might be.

Having a pet is an amazing privilege that most compassionate individuals can appreciate fully. Our pets learn from us, exploring what we have to share and responding accordingly. However, most of us don't realize what an incredible resource our pets can be. When you have a dog, there are so many lessons your four-legged friends can provide for you. By embracing what they have to offer, it's easier to live a healthy, happy life.