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Famous Dogs

Famous Dogs

Ever heard of Rin Tin Tin or Lassie?  Of course you have, they’re famous dogs.  There’s something nostalgic about these two classic dogs.  But did you know that all Lassies were actually a male dogs?  Or that Rin Tin Tin is the reason that Warner Bros. was first established?  Welcome to the world of famous dogs.  The gorgeous, the bashful and the valiant are all part of our collection.


This dog was one of the only famous dogs who was a mutt.  He was found in an animal shelter in Burbank, CA .  His real name was Higgins and his first movie was called “Benji”.  But the latest movie released in 2004, starring the most recent Benji is called “Benji: Off the Leash”.

This basset hound starred as Rosco’s dog in the Dukes of Hazzard.  The actual name for the original Flash wasSandy and was convinced to do activities with wieners and chicken.

Handsome Dan and Uga
These two English bulldogs are both mascots.  Handsome Dan is the Yale University mascot and Uga is the University of Geogia mascot.  YaleUniversity is the first College in theUnited States to have a mascot.

The first Lassie was a rough collie who was in “Lassie Come Home”.  All 9 lassie’s were male.  Males are bigger for a role with a child.  Also, female collies lose their coat once a year.  Lassie’s latest movie from 2005 entitled “Lassie” is actually the second time that name has been used.  The first was in 1994.  These days Lassie is very busy with red carpet walks, appearances and even interviews.  Lassie is one of the few dogs in history to receive a star on the hollywood walk of fame.  From black and white to high definition color, Lassie will always be an icon.

Rin Tin Tin
Also known as Rinty or the mortgage lifter, this german shepherd saved Warner Bros. from bankruptcy.  He starred in 26 movies, starting in “Man from Hell’s River”.  Rin Tin Tin’s grandpup was a soldier and trainer for dogs in WWII.

With the name of Etzel von Oringer, this german shepherd is one of the earliest canine film stars.  He was a trained attack dog from Germany .  His first film was “The Silent Call”.  He also acted in some films with Lady Jule, a female german shepherd.  These two had a few progeny who were in movies around the 1930s.

Known as the richest dog ever, this standard poodle was left 75 million dollars in 1932 from Ella Wendel.

The real name of Toto was Terry.  He was a Cairn Terrier in “The Wizard of Oz”.  He made more money per week ($125)than many of the human actors (Some as low as $50).  He did have a mishap during the movie when a witch’s guard stepped on him.  His foot was broken and he had to have a double for a part of the film.  Terry actually starred in 13 films, but was most famous for “The Wizard of Oz”.

This English Mastiff is the heaviest dog in the world.  She weighed over 343 lb and was over 37 inches at the shoulder.